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9 ways to improve curb appeal

Homeowners who want their homes to make strong first impressions must prioritize curb appeal. Homes with strong curb appeal sell well and can impart a welcoming feel to all visitors. Improving curb appeal need not be expensive, and the following are a handful of ways to improve the appearance of your home.

1. Install a bold-looking door in a vibrant color or one with a custom design. This helps the home stand out from other properties in the neighborhood.

2. Edge the driveway to create a distinct border between the driveway and the lawn or other landscaping features. This helps homes appear neat and well kept.

3. Use outdoor lighting to make a home more inviting. Outdoor lighting also makes properties safer to traverse at night.

4. Clean a home's exterior to remove mildew or discolorations from the siding, driveway, patio, and other outdoor elements.

5. Improve landscapes with fresh plants and seasonal color. Homeowners without the time to plant can consider container gardens, which don't take much time to assemble but still add appeal to a home's exterior.

6. Prune planting beds and add new mulch to restore color.

7. Add shutters and accent trim to a home's exterior to improve on the beauty of the house.

8. Install new fencing or give a fresh coat of paint or stain to an existing fence.

9. Replace concrete paths with tile or stone walkways to make entryways more impressive and inviting.

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