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Power Washing my Deck?

Q. How do I know when it is time to power wash my deck?

A. If it is a new deck, the general rule is to allow the deck to age for eight to twelve months. This allows the mill glaze to be easily removed from the deck when it is time to power wash. Also, new decks generally fade to a grayish color because the sunlight takes out the natural color of the wood. If it is a deck that has already been sealed in the past, you can tell because the sealant is no longer visible on the wood. Also, you can test your deck's protection by spraying some water on the deck -- if water is easily absorbed into the wood, your deck should be cared for soon.

Q. Is power washing bad for my deck?

A. Power washing is not bad for the deck if correct procedures are followed. Correct pressure, the degree of spray (between 25 and 40 degrees), and familiarity with a power washer are all necessary for power washing to be performed correctly. Power washing can be damaging to your deck if not used correctly.

Q. Why is there mold growing on my deck?

A. Mold tends to grow on cedar decks more than other decks and this can be damaging to your deck. This is because there can be microorganisms that feed off your deck and end up destroying the wood. If this is already taking place, it is a good idea to have your deck inspected immediately. Mold tends to grow on decks that have a lot of coverage from the sun or is in an area with a lot of water.

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